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Why Diamondlite is Better than a Zircon Stone

by Gautam Khorana

Diamondlite and Zircons Stones are both alternatives to diamond stones. It is possible to think that they are almost non-distinguishable from each other in terms of quality, but this is not an accurate position. This article is written to introduce you to one or two reasons why Diamondlite is better than a Zicron Stone.

What is a Diamondlite?

When you think of Diamondlite, one of the words that should come straight into your mind is glamour! It is an abundant display of style, glamour, beauty and splendor! When skillfully worked on, it projects grace on the user. In a number of ways, a Diamondlite is superior to a real Diamond. With proper craftsmanship and dexterity, a Diamondlite is bound to win the hearts of any fashion savvy woman irrespective of her class or status.

Regardless of being fashion adornments that are basically feminine, stylishly glamorous and wonderfully dazzling, Diamondlite includes the details of the genuine diamond industry. It also highlights stones that are of the Ideal Cut, which is a standard applied commonly in the genuine diamond trade. Subsequently, without precedent for history, this elite cutting in a simulated diamond is made achievable.

What is a Zircon Stone?

Zircon has a place with the group of semi-precious stones, and in reality, aside from being prominent in the production of jewellery, it is exceptionally important to the lovers of stone and collectors of mineral too. In any case, there is one prominent confusion in regards to this gemstone. Unfortunately, individuals are usually not so knowledgeable about zircon crystals and stones’ existence. They frequently mistake zircon for another kind of stone - cubic zirconia, which is a synthetic substitute for diamond.

Zircon is a very important gemstone of numerous colors, and also an historical precious stone utilized for a great many years. Most times, it is considered as a cheap diamond stimulant, yet in reality, it can be a profitable gem. Truth be told, a large number of the gem forms of zircon (including those which are not radioactive) are heat-treated to improve color and increase transparency. The radioactivity which is in Zircon gemstones is exceptionally insignificant and is for the most part accepted to be safe, without presenting any health dangers.

Why Diamondlite is Better than a Zicron Stone

While Diamondlite contends with the real diamond in strength, rating 8 while the real diamond rates 10, Zicron only has a strength of 7.5. This of course is not bad, but then 8.5 is not the same thing as 7.5.

Also, Diamondlite is not just found to be strong, it can also withstand stress. A Zicron stone is brittle. Zicron stones are very susceptible to pressure and knocks. Zircon must be worn painstakingly to avoid damage. It is not a stone you want to wear too often and still have it maintain its shine for long.

When you think of strength, durability and ability to withstand stress, it’s safe to think of Diamondlite first. And with all these, it’s very affordable.